About Auckland Bootcamp

Our goal is helping you be as fit and healthy as you can be! Are you ready?

Top Equipment and Trainers

At Auckland Bootcamp you are supervised by qualified trainers with great experience. We all share the love for fitness with our members. Combine the experience and passion with our wide range of gear: kettlebells, slam balls, hurdles, power bags, speed ladders, harnesses, ... And boom! You are going to have the variety your body needs for great results.

Bootcamp Auckland
Bootcamp Auckland

Short and Sharp Sessions

Auckland Bootcamp is a 45 Minute group session. With appropriate warm ups and cooled downs to prepare and protect your body, we mix Tabata, HIIT, Boxfit, Calisthenics, Metafit, Super sets and active rest. Our powerful new formula allows you to burn more calories than you would during hour-long gym workouts.

Burn Calories, Get Fit.

Our afterburn workout formula combines different training methods with Active Rest Training. We aim to spike the metabolism and keep it running at an accelerated rate for up to 36 hours after the workout. Your body will enjoy higher energy levels throughout the day and you will burn extra calories even during your sleep!

Bootcamp Auckland

Join Our Growing Community!

Auckland Bootcamp is for ALL fitness levels and genders. Our groups have all shapes, sizes, and ages. Our social activities will keep you fit while ensuring that you have a good time in our fitness community. We run kayak sessions to rangitoto, tongariro crossing hikes, surf lessons and tough mudder obstacle races to name a few. Once you are surrounded by like minded people everything becomes easier...and more enjoyable!

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